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Modern Nurseries

This week, Alexis’ nursery was featured in a slideshow for modern nursery ideas. How cool is that? Be sure to check it out to see some other lovely modern nurseries and get some great design ideas.

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Frustration (in which I whine)

It’s been a rough couple of days. My internet keeps dying on my computer (but still works for the rest of the house.) Our dryer broke, which is extra bad when you’re washing cloth diapers every other day. It’s under … Continue reading

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Alexis’ Bright & Modern Nursery

One of the things I enjoyed most while I was pregnant was preparing the nursery. I stuck to a gender neutral design, as I didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. I loved planning what it … Continue reading

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A Little Peek at the Nursery

I stepped away from the room for one minute, and when I returned there he was, looking too adorable to do anything but take a picture. Roo, and Yoda, have both been helping me get the nursery together. You can … Continue reading

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22 Weeks

Today, baby is at 22 weeks and according to whichever pregnancy website you follow, that means he or she is either the size of a papaya or a coconut. Either way, we’re talking about approximately 10.5 to 11.8 inches long … Continue reading

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A Room in Progress

I mentioned back in October that I’ve been working on redecorating our guest bedroom. Sometimes I make plans and then move very slowly. When we bought our house, this bedroom had dingy-looking cream walls, semi-functional and completely ugly roller shades … Continue reading

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Another Anniversary

This weekend was our first year anniversary of having no upstairs neighbors stomp their feet across our ceiling. Our first year anniversary of not having to listen to water run through the walls every time the upstairs neighbor flushes the … Continue reading

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We bought our house at the end of October, last year. Since then, we’ve done some things to make it home, but not much. I still haven’t painted a single thing, and we still have a dryer sitting in our … Continue reading

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