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33 Weeks

Dear #2, I’m sorry that my blogging of your imminent arrival has been so spotty, and that with just six weeks to go you still don’t have a name. I promise that despite these lapses, we are very excited about … Continue reading

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20 Months Old

Alexis was actually excited to get her picture taken this month! She wanted to sit in the white rocker, and said “Picture! Picture!” Her daddy asked her to demonstrate different signs she knows, and she was happy to oblige. Here, … Continue reading

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27 Weeks and 2 Days

Welcome to the third trimester! I’ve been feeling a lot more “pregnant” lately, like my baby (and my belly) have had a growth spurt. Things feel more smushed and I’m getting more heartburn. And I think the photographic evidence supports … Continue reading

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26 Weeks and 1 Day

My husband came downstairs from putting Alexis to bed and asked me, “Did you make night waffles?” Of course not. Don’t be silly. I made peanut clusters. 26 weeks pregnant and I am ravenous. Even though my stomach is shrinking, … Continue reading

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19 Months Old

Alexis is 19 months old. In the last month, she’s been growing. Eating lots, and improving her skills with fork and spoon while she’s at it. When she has a mind to, she can use her silverware like a pro. … Continue reading

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18 Months Old

Exactly one month ago, Alexis turned 18 months old! February was a total bust, so I’m sharing the pictures with you now. Later today we’ll be taking her 19 month photos. Alexis is a strong-willed little girl with a mind … Continue reading

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25 Weeks

Somehow the laws of space and time have been bent, and I am already 25 weeks pregnant. This doesn’t seem possible. Yesterday, I went back and read through a few blog posts from this time in my pregnancy with Alexis, … Continue reading

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Citrus Lane Coupon Code

You know how much I love Citrus Lane, the monthly boxes filled with surprise goodies for my daughter and myself. I love them even more when they have a deal, and they have one now! Use the coupon code SPRING20 … Continue reading

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17 Months Old

Alexis turned 17 months old at the beginning of January!¬†Every month, it gets a little harder to take her monthly photo. She is never content to sit still, and starts trying to escape her chair prison immediately. This month, Alexis … Continue reading

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A Language Explosion

Over the last several months, Alexis’ verbal skills have just, well, exploded. She went from a baby who could say “kitty!” to a toddler who could name all sorts of things and repeat almost anything she heard. Watching a little … Continue reading

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