Little Foxes

Ever since she discovered What Does the Fox Say?, my daughter has loved foxes. She has the cutest set of stuffed foxes from IKEA, and thanks to her aunt, she has the What Does the Fox Say? book. She likes to read the book while watching the video. Sometimes Mama and Baby Fox join her.


Recently, it seems like foxes have become the cute animal du jour for children’s items, and we have embraced the fad. To be honest, Alexis and Anders’ aunt may have started it. Because we were too slow to come up with a nursery theme, she assigned us one (hint: it’s foxes!) and sent us a ton of super cute fox baby stuff. Unfortunately, it is all from Gymboree’s Fox Fella and Fox Trail Collections which are no longer available, except on Ebay. The children are growing too fast, so we needed to get some new clothes anyway. Here are some of the cutest fox clothes I’ve found (and bought) for my littles:

Fox Clothes1. Sateen Fox Print Dress 2. Fox Footed Pajamas

Fox Clothes

3. Fox Bodysuit Set 4. Fox Fleece Vest Set 5. Fox Hoodie Set

Fox Clothes

6. T-Shirt Dress with Geometric Fox Print 7. Fox Print Button-Front Shirt

There is plenty more fox stuff to be found, but I think we are all set on foxes around here. For now. Maybe.

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