Citrus Lane August 2014 Box Review Take Two

Our second Citrus Lane box arrived this week. I wouldn’t normally order two boxes in one month, but Citrus Lane had a deal for a free box with free shipping. Who says no to that? Alexis and I were very pleased with our second box.

Citrus Lane August 2014 Box

Petit Collage Alphabet Flash Cards Animals A-Z (Amazon, $19). These cards are beautiful and sturdy, to the point that I almost didn’t want to share them with my flash card loving-daughter. Of course, I did share and she thinks they are great. They work equally well as flash cards and as nursery art. Petit Collage also has Alphabet Art card sets in other themes, such as Ocean Life A-Z, In the Garden A-Z, and On the Go A-Z.

Tea for Two from Green Toys (estimated $8). This set comes with one teapot, two tea cups, and two saucers, and was exclusive to Citrus Lane. Green Toys also sells a larger tea set (Amazon, $19.59). I had no idea my daughter needed a tea set, but based on her reaction when she saw this, there was a teapot shaped hole in her life. She is thrilled with this tea set, and is loving filling the teapot with water, pouring it into the tea cups, and drinking it up. I’m loving watching her learn how to pour without spilling.

Reusable Cool It Buddy soft cold pack from Me4Kidz (Amazon, $4.75). Our other box included Cool It Buddy instant cold packs, but they were single-use, and I was thinking how nice it would have been if they were reusable. It turns out Me4Kidz does make a reusable, but not instant, version. Now we can keep the reusable cold back in the freezer at home, and keep the instant packs in the diaper bag for injuries away from home.

Language Video Digital Download from Little Pim ($23.98). This box contained another card with a coupon code for a free digital download for a language lesson video from Little Pim, just like the other box. While this isn’t my favorite item, and we still haven’t let our daughter watch the video we downloaded with the last code (screen-time is a relatively rare and special thing in our house), I’m sure my daughter will enjoy it when she does get to watch it. Actually, there were two cards with codes for downloads. I suspect that was a packing error, but it means we get two new language lesson videos.

The box also included coupon codes for some of the brands included, and a card to save 25% off a membership at (which now owns Citrus Lane). Everything in the box added up to $55.73. With the coupon code, I paid $0 for this box and got free shipping, so this was pretty excellent.

Just so you know, the links in this post to Citrus Lane and the specific items are affiliate links. If you decide you want to try a box, clicking on my affiliate link will save you 50% off your box, and it will save me $20, too. Everybody wins! Even better, right now if you use the code SEPTBOX7, you can get your first box  for a new or renewed subscription for $7.

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