24 Months Old

24 Months Old

And just like that, she’s 2. Nobody told me when I started this parenting journey that every special milestone would be so bittersweet. I’m so excited for my growing girl. Every day she amazes me with some new thing, some little change. Each day, she’s just a little more incredible than the day before. I love seeing the person she’s becoming. But at the same time, every change is a little loss, one step further away from my baby. I love who she is, but I loved who she was yesterday, too. I miss the tiny baby that would sleep in my arms, and I delight in the toddler who turns to me with a big smile and exclaims, “I did it!”

This two-year old of mine, she is wonderful. Independent and strong-willed, kind and generous. An observer, she studies the world around her before she acts. Incredibly smart, creative, and funny. It is such a gift to be her mama.


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  1. Janice says:

    She is such a delight. Even her “strong willed” moments are a joy to experience because you can always see that her wheels are turning and she has a plan! She is so much like you were at her age… you both have places to go and a determination to get there.

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