20 Months Old

20 Months Old

Alexis was actually excited to get her picture taken this month! She wanted to sit in the white rocker, and said “Picture! Picture!” Her daddy asked her to demonstrate different signs she knows, and she was happy to oblige. Here, she’s signing “kitty.”

In the last month, she’s had another round of strep, but she handled it like a champion. She is still enjoying signing and saying different letters of the alphabet, identifying letters, and now identifying “words” she sees in her books. (She can’t read, she just knows when she’s looking at a “word.”) And she still loves practicing counting. Alexis’ also finished her second sign language class. She loves going to class and signing, and even likes to sign the words she knows when she’s reading her books.

Signing "snow."

Alexis signing “snow.”

Alexis’ memory is amazing. She seems to know every page of every book she owns. She memorizes the stories we read to her, so she can “read” them to herself, saying the right words with the right pages. Grandma sent her a set of bird flash cards recently. When she saw the woodpecker card, she asked her daddy what it was. He told her, and she said “Gruffalo!” We found her Gruffalo book, and she went right to the page with a small woodpecker in a tree, not even an actual character in the story, pointed to it and said, “woodpecker!” How does she remember all these little details?

One of the sweetest developments this month was a little game Alexis invented, called “Kiss.” She’ll get behind something with a hole, like the bookshelf or a table leg, and call out “kiss!” All adults in the vicinity are expected to immediately come and give her a kiss. If we can’t fit our head through the bookshelf, she’ll come running around the side, saying “too far!” and give us a kiss. She’s become more affectionate all around, freely offering kisses and hugs, and occasionally saying, “I love you.” She has mom and dad wrapped around her finger, competing for the most love.

Every day, it seems like she gets a little cuter and just a little more hilarious. Don’t stop, little one.

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2 Responses to 20 Months Old

  1. Ginnie says:

    She’s so cute! My sister-in-law taught her son baby sign language, too. It was so fun watching him communicate that way:)

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks, Ginnie! We love communicating with our daughter with sign. She’s a great talker and has a very big vocabulary, but we still love using sign. One of the games we like to play is to sign through the car window to each other when she’s in the car and one of us has to pump gas. She’s recently started making her stuffed monkey sign, too, and that is fun to watch!

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