Citrus Lane March 2014 Box Review

Citrus Lane teased me with a coupon code and a hint that the March box would include something from Hape. Another coupon code for $10 off an “Add to Box” item, plus free shipping for that item, allowed to me to also get Alexis a cool new bib covered with little fire trucks for free. (Fire trucks are featured in a song about the color red that we’ve been singing at Sign and Sing Story Time, so they are pretty popular right now.) All that had me sold, and so Alexis received her March Citrus Lane box last week. She was not disappointed.

QubesBecause she has a grandma who likes to send her little presents, Alexis is well aware that people in trucks leave boxes at our door. And when she sees one arrive, she gets very excited and declares, “Box! Scissors! Open!” and “Present!” She loves to unpack the boxes, and makes the most wonderful faces when she pulls out something she knows is for her. The first thing she pulled out of the Citrus Lane box was a long tube of Hape Qubes ($9.99 on Amazon), a set of twelve little wooden sea animals (they also have sets of farm animals, jungle animals, and dinosaurs.) Citrus Lane did really great this month — Alexis is loving dolphins and penguins lately, and they are both in this set. When she saw what she had, she said “Ooooh!” and demanded that we open the tube immediately. She’s still playing with them a week later.

You Are My BabyContinuing with the ocean theme, the box also included a lovely board book called You Are My Baby ($7.92 on Amazon), which pairs ocean animal parents with their babies, both of which have their own set of pages to turn. Alexis and I like to read the book together — I turn the parent pages and she turns the baby pages.

Also in the box was a Medi Buddy ($6.99 on Amazon), which is a compact little first aid kit perfect for a diaper bag. In addition to bandages, antiseptic wipes, and antibiotic ointment, the kit contains stickers, which are Alexis’ favorite part. And finally, a full size container of Orange Vanilla scented Alcohol Free wipes from Clean Well ($4.99 at We’ve gotten these wipes from Citrus Lane before, and Alexis loves using them to clean her hands after a snack.

Bumkins Super BibAfter the coupon codes, I spent $4.50 on this box. Just adding up the cost of the items, which are all high-quality and things that we will actually use, this value of this box is $29.89. The box also included special discounts for additional items from Chronicle Books, Hape, and Me4Kidz. Alexis’ bonus bib, an add on item that ended up being free, was also a great addition. It’s a Bumkins Super Bib ($6.73 on Amazon), made of a wipeable fabric that’s easy to clean without being plastic-y, my favorite sort of bib. Overall, this box made both Alexis and I happy. Another success for Citrus Lane.


Just so you know, the links in this post to Citrus Lane and the specific items are affiliate links. If you decide you want to try a box, clicking on my affiliate link will save you $10 off your box, and it will save me $10, too. Everybody wins!

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