27 Weeks and 2 Days

Welcome to the third trimester! I’ve been feeling a lot more “pregnant” lately, like my baby (and my belly) have had a growth spurt. Things feel more smushed and I’m getting more heartburn. And I think the photographic evidence supports my feeling:

27 Weeks

The highlight of the week, though, is that I can definitely see my belly move when baby moves. It’s rather weird, watching your belly move on its own.

Both last time I was pregnant, and again this time, one of my worst symptoms was “pregnancy brain.” And this week it’s really been on display. I miss my brain. Pregnancy is also making me even less graceful than I was before. I’m dropping things all over the place. It’s been rough. I’m another broken plate closer to a new set of dishes, though.

I have no idea how we’ve come this far already, and I’m still waiting for time to slow down. Baby still needs a name… and a crib… and a nursery. Next week is my last monthly doctor’s appointment. Then it’s every 2 weeks. No rush, little one.

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4 Responses to 27 Weeks and 2 Days

  1. Janice says:

    Wow! Looks I need to start planning my trip and packing my bags!

    • Shannon says:

      You are running out of weeks! June seems so far away, especially since I can still see snow on the ground. But 12.5 weeks doesn’t sound long at all…. which is probably good, because things are getting a little crowded here.

  2. Kate says:

    You are looking super cute, mama! Hope tri-3 is smooth sailing!

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks, Kate! I hope so, too. I’ve had it easy so far, so it was a rather rude awakening to be punched in the ribs and kicked in the bladder last night.

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