19 Months Old

19 Months Old

Alexis is 19 months old. In the last month, she’s been growing. Eating lots, and improving her skills with fork and spoon while she’s at it. When she has a mind to, she can use her silverware like a pro. But sometimes it’s still fun to smear yogurt everywhere. Alexis has also started experimenting with a regular, open cup. Once she figured out that she has to “tip it,” she’s done pretty well. Of course, she’s also figured out it can be more fun to “dump it!” or blow bubbles in it. I try to not to laugh, because I don’t want to encourage her, but it is pretty funny.

Since we were both sick for much of the last month, Alexis also got a very rare opportunity to spend way too much time staring at a screen. I am not in favor of screen time for children under 2, although we do let Alexis watch an occasional YouTube video. But with Alexis not feeling well, and mama feeling very sick, we bent the rules. One of Alexis’ favorites has been “bunnies! jumping!” Mostly, though, she watched a lot of Baby Signing Time. While I still don’t like her staring at a screen, she did pick up a lot from these videos. She’s learned a ton of new animal signs, and she’s developed an understanding of letters and the alphabet. She points out letters she sees all the time now, and she can sign a fair number of them, too. Now that we’re healthy again we’ve cut back on the screen time, but I’m glad that she was able to get something out of it while she was watching.

Alexis also started counting and talking about numbers a little more. She can identify “one” and “two” objects, recognize the numbers 1-10, and she can count up to 10, although I think she may just know the sequence of the number words, not their meaning. She continues to add new words to her vocabulary all the time, and one of her favorite words/concepts this month was “Everywhere!” Any time she encountered a large group of objects, they were “everywhere!” Spilled flash cards all over the floor? “Cards everywhere!” In a parking garage full of lights? “Lights everywhere!” Looking at the changing pad cover with the owl pattern? “Owls everywhere!” She also let me know that she had learned my name. Usually, I’m “mommy” or “mama.” If I’m not coming fast enough when it’s bath time, though, I’m “Shannon!” It’s hilarious and weird at the same time.

Alexis also finally got that last incisor she was working on for so long, meaning all she has left are the dreaded two year molars. Let’s hope for a little teething reprieve, but then let’s try to get them over with before baby #2 arrives, ok?

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