17 Months Old

17 Months Old

Alexis turned 17 months old at the beginning of January! Every month, it gets a little harder to take her monthly photo. She is never content to sit still, and starts trying to escape her chair prison immediately.

17 Months Old

This month, Alexis learned a ton of new words. By the end of the month, she was using more than 200 words. She also learned new signs in Sign and Play class. Sweetest new sign: “I love you.” Most fun new sign: “Go go!” We sign “Go go!” as we run to the bath each night. Alexis also learned one accidental sign while we were joking around at dinner one night: “robot.” Awesomely, the sign for robot is exactly what you think it would be.

Christmas also happened this month, which meant that Alexis met Santa (serious business) and learned all about presents (so much fun!). Every box that arrives at the house is now a “present,” and obviously, all presents are for Alexis and should be opened by her. After Christmas, Alexis finished the month by taking a road trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit family. She saw her aunt, uncle and cousin, whom she adores, and two of her great grandmas. While traveling, she said her own name clearly for the first time and (maybe) counted to two. She also got another tooth this month. December was a busy month!

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