16 Months Old

16 Months Old

This month, Alexis is 16 months old and it is awesome. Who needs to sit in the chair when you can stand and make your mother nervous? Alexis has grown so much in one short month. Her vocabulary exploded, and she started adding multiple new words on a daily basis, for a total of 98 new words this month (yes, I keep track.) One of those new words is “cheers!” because of course we taught her to say cheers and clink glasses when you take a drink. She loves it and does it very often. We may have created a tiny, celebratory monster. She also used her first sort-of sentence this month. After she woke up from a nap, I watched on the monitor as she found a small scratch on her hand. “Uh oh! Boo boo!” she said. “Here you go,” and she kissed her boo boo. Awww.

16 Months Old

We attend Sign and Play class weekly, and Alexis loves it. She’s started using a bunch of new signs, including: banana, thank you, wet, dirty, clean, baby, time, cousin, boy, girl, eat, and a few others. I think she may be learning the signs just as a means to get to bubble time and get her hand stamped at the end of class, because she thinks those things are the best.

She has two new molars this month, completing her first set. Next up, incisors! I think we will all be very happy when teething is over.

16 Months Old

One of my favorite parts of this month? The discovery of our new game, Freight Train. Alexis and I run at each other like two freight trains until she crashes into me with delighted screams and giggles. I guess you could say we play chicken. It’s a marvelous game to play with a happy toddler.

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