15 Months Old

15 Months Old

So, Alexis turned 15 months old in November. She just keeps growing, whether I blog in a timely manner or not. By the time she turned 15 months old, she sprouted a new tooth, learned some new words, became a much more proficient walker, and started taking a sign language class. She also started dancing. She’d bounce along to music before, but this month she decided she wanted to stomp her happy feet and get crazy. Oh, and she dressed up as a monkey for Halloween, which was perfect for our little banana-lover (“Nana!” Nana!”)

15 Months Old

At 15 months old, Alexis just can’t sit still (and she knows how to get herself out of that chair!) She loves playing with her kitties, sharing her toys, and feeding mommy and daddy her snacks. She can follow simple instructions, and loves to find specific books and toys for us when we ask. Every month, this kid gets more fun.

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