Dear Citrus Lane, I Love You

I’ve mentioned my love for Citrus Lane before. Recently, though, Alexis got the October box and a bonus box (thanks to an awesome coupon) and I wanted to share some of the great things she received.

Crocodile Creek Ball

Getting a package full of surprises in the mail is always fun, and it’s even better when those surprises always turn out to be something everyone loves. Citrus Lane never lets us down. In her bonus box, Alexis got a great little 5″ ball from Crocodile Creek ($6.99 on It’s just the right size for little hands. And since “ball! ball!” is the phrase du jour around here, Alexis was thrilled. I also love that it’s a rubber ball, with no BPA, vinyl, latex, or PVC.

Ouchies Jr. Paddington Bear Adhesive Bandages

As she’s getting more independent and active, she’s also getting a lot more bumps and bruises. Perfecting timing to use the adorable Paddington Bear bandaids from Ouchies Jr. ($5.20 in Seriously, these are so cute. On a related cute note, Alexis has a scratch on her fingers. I watched her on the baby monitor yesterday as she looked at her hand and said, “Uh oh! Boo boo! Here you go,” and then gave her hand a kiss. Ah, babies! So cute.

Octopus Opposites

Also in her bonus box was a full-size board book, Octopus Opposites ($7.19 at Barnes and Noble). We love the vibrant illustrations, and Alexis likes to point out the animals she recognizes, like the monkey and the kitty (snow leopard.)

Boon Water Bugs

Green Tones Castanet

The October box was awesome, too. Alexis loved both the toys, the Green Tones Triangle Castanet ($12.49 at Amazon) and the Boon Water Bugs bath toy ($6.79 at Amazon). They are both in the daily play rotation right now. The October box also included a 3.4 oz tube of tangerine scented Playful Wash from Episencial ($8.99 for 8oz at and a full size container of Orange Vanilla scented Alcohol Free wipes from Clean Well ($4.99 at Finally, there was a printed copy of Baby Bug magazine from Cricket, and a code for a 3 month digital subscription. It was filled with sweet illustrations and little stories.

I know I sound like I’m gushing and it’s a little ridiculous. But honestly, everything that Citrus Lane sends us is so nice. I love how many of their items are environmentally friendly and of such good quality, and I love that Alexis thinks they’re great toys. I really do feel like these boxes are a great value. The links in this post to Citrus Lane are affiliate links, although I’d tell you that I love the box regardless. If you decide you want to try a box (and December is coming… last year’s December box was especially awesome, so it’s a good month to give it a try), clicking on my affiliate link will save you $10 off your box, and it will save me $10, too.

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