9 Great Board Books for a One Year Old

Books Alexis loves reading. She loves to sit quietly and flip through her books. She loves to point at pictures and name them: “baby!” “kitty!” “fish!” She’s amassed quite the little library. At one year old, here are some of her favorite books:

Happy Baby Colors – If you have a baby who loves babies, this is the best book. Full of pictures of happy babies featuring different colors, as well as other items in specific colors.

Who Says Quack?
 – Real pictures of animals and the sounds they make. Right now, we’re calling this book, “Baa.” Can you guess which page is Alexis’ favorite?

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide and Find

Disney Baby Einstein Amazing Animals Play-a-sound – It took Alexis some time to be able to press the sound buttons herself, but now that she can, she’s so pleased with herself.

I am a Bunny
 – Such a wonderful, classic book. Beautifully illustrated. It talks about Nathan the bunny and his favorite seasonal activities. I was thrilled to see another blogger loves this book as much as we do, and dressed her little one up as the bunny for Halloween!

Pudgy Bunny Book – This book is just sweet. But be warned, the end of the story involves telling your kid they can have a bunny.

A Book of Sleep – The illustrations in this book are beautiful. A wonderful little book to set the stage for bedtime. Right now, Alexis’ favorite part of this book is finding and pointing to the owl on every page.

Tubby – A great book about bathtime. This is where Alexis learned the word “splash!” All of Leslie Patricelli’s books are fun to read with great pictures and riveting text, like “I’m naked! Wheeee!”

Octopus Opposites – Alexis got this book in a Citrus Lane box and immediately loved it. Any book with pictures of monkeys and kitties (snow leopards) is bound to be a hit. The illustrations are vibrant and pretty, and the book gets bonus points for including cephalopods and sea urchins.

(P.S., Have I mentioned how much I love Citrus Lane boxes? Use this Citrus Lane link to sign up for your own subscription and you’ll get $10 off your order, and so will I.)

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