14 Months Old

14 Months Old

Would you look at that? 14 months old today! Alexis has grown so much in the last month, learning new skills and new words. She’s quite the little copy cat, and picks up new things so quickly. It is a delight to watch her mind work. This month, Alexis took her first steps. Every day, she walks a little bit farther before she falls. Then she turns around to make sure she is being properly appreciated.

All this mobility made for one wiggly baby today. She did not want to stay put in the chair and demanded “down! down!”

14 Months Old

Alexis took a trip to Arizona to visit her grandparents and uncles this month. She did great on the plane, and loved seeing all her favorite people. While we were there, she started saying “grandpa.” Other words she began saying this month: grandma, patty, tutu, Darcy, bean, tissue, Cheerio, no, chin, puff, kisses. Best word of the month, though? Mama. She’s been able to say mama for a long time, but this month, she finally started saying it as my name.  She asks for mama during the day, and when she wakes at night, I hear her call for mama. Alexis also learned the sign for “more.” Guacamole was involved.

To round it all out, Alexis finished the month by getting a new tooth.

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