13 Months Old

13 Months Old

After a busy summer, 13 months just snuck up on us! In the last month, Alexis traveled to Tybee Island, Georgia to hang out on the beach and play in the ocean. She used what she learned in swimming lessons to kick in the water while saying, “kick kick kick!” And she’s added some new words to her vocabulary, like “ball,” which she announced with great excitement when the dentist gave her a new ball at the end of her first check up.

13 Months Old

Alexis is also saying doll, boo, Roo, and lots of “um!” which is her word for “up!” She added the sign for “all done” to her repertoire this month, too. Alexis loves playing peek-a-boo, whether it’s from behind the bookshelf or by putting her blanket over mommy’s head. She also loves dancing along to music, and has started to sing along, too. She has a great sense of rhythm!

13 Months OldAlexis wants to walk and run everywhere, but still needs us to hold her hands when she does. Sometimes, when she is very interested in something, we can let go and she’ll keep standing until she realizes what she’s doing.

Highlight of the month? Giving mommy a kiss unprompted.

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