12 Months Old

With the focus on her first birthday, I delayed posting Alexis’ 12 month photos. But I made sure I took the pictures on her big day. Little girl, how you have grown! You have become such a busy little person, it was hard to get you to sit still.

12 Months Old

So much happened in your twelfth month. You started it out in Texas, where you got to meet your great grandma, two great aunts, one great uncle (whom you especially adored),  and three first cousins once removed. You were thrilled to see your grandma again on that trip, too. While we were there, you added some new words to your repertoire and started demanding that your hands be held so you could walk around. Your new words this month included: beads, turtle, teddy, bear, cookie, owl, all done, five, here, and “there you go.” You learned how to sign for “milk,” and strung together a two word sentence, “dada hi!” And when you see a picture of a baby, you point and exclaim, “Baby! Baby! Baby!”

12 Months Old

You started to pull up and creep along everything you could. You chase kitties and make clicking noises to call them, just like your mom and dad. You give high fives and occasionally blow kisses. When we say monkey, you make great monkey noises.

You started swim lessons this month, and love being in the water. You are learning how to hold your breath under the water, float on your back, and splash like a maniac.

Swimming Lessons

And with all that, you aren’t much of a baby anymore. You are on the verge of being a toddler. That sure happened fast!


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