11 Months Old

11 Months Old

Alexis is 11 months old already! (And by now, she’s well on her way to 12 months!) In her 11th month, Alexis started to do a lot of copying. She learned how to fling her arm out and say “ta da!” She loves to practice talking. She also learned how to make a fun noise by moving her lips with her fingers, which her daddy says “will never get old.”

11 Months Old

Alexis also learned that she can play with our kitties by waving one of their feather stick toys around, and it quickly became one of her favorite games. Mr. Darcy seems to really love it, too. Babies and kittens are a marvelous pair. Every time a kitty bumps into her while they’re playing, she squeals and giggles with delight.

This month, Alexis learned how to pull herself up to standing in her crib, fall without smashing her face, and creep along her crib railings. She also suddenly became more ticklish, and learned that she loves to be upside down. She’ll get up on her hands and feet and look backwards through her legs with a great big upside-down smile.

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