10 Months Old

We’ve been so busy this spring and summer that I’ve fallen behind on Alexis’ monthly updates. Never fear– she did turn 10 months old on schedule, and I have pictures!

10 Months Old 10 Months Old 10 Months Old

So. Very. Happy! I have no idea how I got such a happy child. It’s pretty great. She makes us all happier people.

10 Months Old 10 Months Old

In her tenth month, Alexis transitioned from rolling to crawling, and she learned how to pull herself up to a sitting position. Of course, she started using these new skills constantly. She got two more new teeth. And she added “uh oh” and “bye bye” to her vocabulary. Alexis also took a trip to Indiana to meet her first cousin once removed and her second cousin. I googled those terms in the hopes it would make things clearer, but I think it actually makes it more confusing. In plain English, Alexis met her mom’s cousin and that cousin’s daughter (who is only 9 weeks older than Alexis!).

She’s growing so fast! There’s really no rush, little one.


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