9 Months Old

9 Months Old

Today Alexis is 9 months old. In a month, she sprouted 3 more teeth and said her official first word: kitty. The mamas and dadas are great, but she uses them a bit indiscriminately. Kitty is reserved for when she sees Yoda and Roo, or a picture of a cat. It’s adorable. She loves her kitties, and is getting better and better about finding ways to get close enough to touch them. We’re still working on how to touch animals gently, but our kitties are very patient teachers.

9 Months Old

Alexis is the happiest little girl. She rarely fusses without an obvious reason, like teething, and she’s all smiles for everyone she meets. She’s very busy, always rolling somewhere or exploring something, or moving for the joy of moving. She loves experimenting with her voice– lately, she’s being saying and singing “wee wee wee” over and over.

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