7 Months Old

7 Months Old

And just like that, she’s 7 months old. Alexis attended an out-of-town wedding on her 7 month birthday and traveled so well. She did great on the drive there and back, and at the wedding itself, even though she was very sleepy and had every right to be very cranky.

7months3psd In the past month, she’s added standing, with lots of support, to her repertoire of skills. She has even managed to stand on her own for a few moments a handful of times. She’s been blowing lots of raspberries, and seems to be practicing different ways to make them. She also seems to pick a “consonant of the day” to practice– so one day will be all “B” sounds, and the next she’ll work on “M.” I’ve heard a few “ma ma”‘s slip out, but I know they don’t have any meaning yet.


She loves her kitties, and will talk to (squeal at) them every time she sees them. They suffer in silence until she gets too close, then leave. If she manages to touch them before they escape it’s the best thing ever. Alexis will move to get what she wants, but still seems pretty content to stay in one place. If anything gets her crawling, it’s going to be the cats. I fear for them.


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