Oh, The Places You’ll Go (if you’re an image, on the internet.)

I found a little browser app called ?¿ src-img. It’s an easy way to source images you find online. It can be handy when you’re trying to track something down that has been posted uncredited, or when you’re trying to find out where your images have ended up without your knowledge. Running it and clicking on an image will take you to Google, and show you all the places that image exists online. Which is how I found out that Alexis’ nursery has received a very positive review in Portuguese on Quarto de bebe. Pop that link into Google Translate to see what they had to say about the “chair of breastfeeding.”

I also found pictures of an old project, in which I turned a beloved sweater into pillows, on this blog (first image under #1, “recycle old sweaters.”)

And my kitty, Yoda, turned up on Cyber Gata.

Cyber Gata, kudos to you for linking back to my original flickr images. Beauty and the Green, you yanked my image, didn’t link back to the original, and didn’t credit me. Not cool. And while we’re talking about proper image etiquette, Quarto de bebe, you only get a C. Yes, you credited Project Nursery, where I posted my images, but you didn’t link to my actual Project Nursery post, and you didn’t actually credit me.

I love that my projects (and kitty?)  have inspired others, and I’m happy to share. But I do wish you would properly credit my images when you posted them elsewhere.

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2 Responses to Oh, The Places You’ll Go (if you’re an image, on the internet.)

  1. Sarah R. says:

    I love that browser app! It’s also really helpful when repinning stuff on Pinterest that wasn’t properly sourced by the original pinner.

    Sorry about the lack of crediting you’re finding though. That’s really frustrating.

    • Shannon says:

      It is a great app. And you’re right– it’s proven so useful for tracking things down on Pinterest. I don’t know what I did without it. 🙂

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