Frustration (in which I whine)

It’s been a rough couple of days.

My internet keeps dying on my computer (but still works for the rest of the house.)

Our dryer broke, which is extra bad when you’re washing cloth diapers every other day. It’s under warranty, but the service company that is contracted through our warranty doesn’t keep parts for our brand in stock, so we have to wait 5 days until they get the part they think they need… they won’t even come look at the dryer before then.

My plan to get a desk from IKEA doesn’t look realistic anymore, and I can’t find another desk that meets my needs.

My cutting table is broken, and my sewing room cluttered, which leads me to a sort of paralysis when it comes to doing anything creative (when I find a few moments when I could be creative.) But without a cutting table and desk, I feel stuck. I need to organize and make my office baby safe soon, but without the furniture, I’m stuck in that department, too.

My plans to install slide out shelves in my pantry (which is a  dank, dark hole) turned out to be more complicated and expensive than anticipated, so they haven’t materialized yet.

My back up plan to move my washer and dryer out of my kitchen and into the basement, freeing up space for a more functional pantry, also turned out to be more expensive than anybody wants to pay for.

Nap time was thwarted by meowing cats, which means I’ve got one crazy, overtired baby who won’t sleep. (In the end, she was up for 5 1/2 hours. Way too long for everyone involved.)

I’m hungry, and there are no snacks in my house.

The paint color in most of the rooms of my house is all wrong.

It’s cold.

Yeah, I’m feeling whiny and frustrated.

On the upside, Alexis is rolling over pretty regularly now, when she feels like it, and does a great job with sitting up unassisted, too. She giggles when she’s tickled, or kissed, or when I nibble on her fingers (her idea, not mine!), and she smiles the best smiles when I come to get her in the morning or after a nap.

I get to see this adorable face every day.

And I have a pretty awesome husband, who does what he can to make me feel better when I get into a silly funk like this one.

I need to stop feeling so stuck and frustrated with my house, which really is a nice house, most of the time. So I’ve come up with the not-very-ambitious plan to do at least one thing to make it better each week. I thought about one thing a day, but decided that was insane with a baby who takes such terrible naps.  That means my house should be 47 things better by the end of the year. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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