Alexis’ Bright & Modern Nursery

One of the things I enjoyed most while I was pregnant was preparing the nursery. I stuck to a gender neutral design, as I didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. I loved planning what it would look like, and finding all the pieces I needed to make my vision come to life. I loved imagining the little baby who would live there.

Before it was a nursery, the room was husband’s office. It wasn’t pretty. The walls were painted two shades of yellow.Β  The windows had ugly, old, only partially functional window shades. There was an original 1980s ceiling fan and light fixture, all brass and ugliness (I spared you a photo). The room needed work.

So we painted it blue, installed a new ceiling fan and light fixture, hung new blinds and curtains, and decorated. I designed the whole room around a picture I saw on Pinterest of a mobile with clouds and kites against a blue wall.

A bit improved, yes? On it’s own, the blue is a bit dark. I lightened it up with the white furniture, curtains, and blinds in the room. Where I could, I stuck with modern, clean lines. The recliner deviates a bit from my style, but as I mentioned before, comfort won over style in that department. (And after more than 5 months of daily use, I still feel good about that decision.)

I know themes in nurseries are popular, and although I did not have a theme in mind when I created this room, it is a cohesive design. For me, the whole room calls to mind a perfect day, with bright blue skies filled with white clouds and bright green grass.

The cloud shelf and yellow elephant were also inspired by things I found on Pinterest, which were not in my budget. My very talented parents worked together to make them for Alexis. The crocheted blanket was made by Alexis’ great great grandmother. All of the blankets stacked under the side table are also handmade, with one made by me and one made by her great grandmother. The other two are gifts from her grandmother and her aunt. And, of course, her grandmother made that wonderful cloud mobile.

There are a few special things from my childhood in the room, including my teddy bear, and a tiny pink bunny that’s in my first baby photo. The cat doll is something my mother made for me when I was a child. Husband is a huge fan of Star Wars, and somehow, references to his favorite movie seemed entirely appropriate in the nursery as well. Alexis has a stuffed Yoda, a beeping R2D2, and some custom Star Wars wall art.

The wall decals were a gift from Alexis’ great aunt. They weren’t part of the original plan, but they fit in so very well. I love how the owls coordinate with the yellow clock, and how they perfectly match the owl bin on her shelf. All wonderful coincidences.

I love this room. Every time I’m in it, it makes me smile. A perfect nursery for a perfect little baby.

{ Alexis’ nursery is on Parents andΒ Project Nursery, too. }


Crib: Babyletto Hudson
Crib skirt: Handmade
Mobile: Handmade
Dresser: IKEA Hemnes
Side table: Target
Recliner: La-Z-Boy
Cloud shelf: Handmade
Elephant shelf: Handmade
Elephant hamper: Home Decorators Collection
Wall art: Pages from vintage childrens books, A Bubbly Life
Wall decals: RoomMates
Doll: Handmade using Black Apple pattern
Mirror: Target
Lamp: TargetΒ (exact shade no longer available)
Changing pad cover: Zutano
Rainbow stacker: Imagination Kids
Tree stacker: Plan Toys
Clock: Target

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19 Responses to Alexis’ Bright & Modern Nursery

  1. Jane says:

    I love what you did to this space! I’m especially loving the cloud bookshelf! πŸ™‚
    I also recently finished our nursery! Come by and check it out sometime! πŸ™‚
    – Jane @

    • Shannon says:

      Jane, I did take a look at your nursery! I love it… you really transformed that space into something lovely. πŸ™‚

  2. Janice says:

    I love that your great grandmother’s blanket works so well in the nursery. Liz would be very happy to know that it is still treasured and being used by her great-great-granddaughter.

  3. Andrea says:

    Really cute nursery. I love the blue and the white furniture really gives it contrast.

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you, Andrea! Without all the white furniture, I really felt the blue was a bit too dark, but the white really makes it a nice shade of blue.

      • Nikki says:

        Love the contrast, style and the colors! We are currently searching for a similar blue but everything we’ve found is too dark. Do you recall the name/brand of blue that you used for the walls?

        • Shannon says:

          Thank you! The paint is Valspar’s Trade Secret. I thought it was too dark when we painted the room, but once we started putting things in the room, it seemed like it was just right.

  4. I love the finished project, sooooo beautiful and calming… Just gave you 5 stars on PN!

  5. Featuring YOU today! Thank you so much for sharing at {wow me} wednesday! πŸ™‚

    Ginger @

  6. Richa says:

    My eyes were instantly drawn to the elephant book shelf and the cloud shelf. I was wondering where you bought them. And then you burst my bubble by telling me they are custom made for your little girl by such talented and loving grandparents. Lucky Alexis (God Bless Her).

    I think they are a wonderful idea (they would sell like hot cakes).


  7. nicole says:

    first of all, i looove your nursery! πŸ™‚ we’re getting ready to start decorating ours so i have a million ideas running through my head. yours is just way too cute. πŸ™‚ we’re actually leaning towards getting the same one you have and i have a random question for you .. have you your crib skirt fit properly when the mattress was at the lowest setting? i read a review that it doesn’t fit properly so i figured i’d ask someone who has the crib! πŸ™‚ the bedding i’m planning on making myself but it has a ruffled crib skirt and if it’s not on there, i’m not sure it will look right with the rest of the bedding ideas i have!

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks, Nicole! I don’t think you can use a crib skirt with the babyletto Hudson at it’s lowest setting, but until that last setting, my crib skirt should work. I made the skirt so that it just ties the metal part that holds the mattress up. That way, as it gets lower, I can just tie the ties farther in towards the center, and shorten my skirt accordingly. I’m not sure if you saw, but I talked about how I made my crib skirt here.

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  9. Stacy says:

    I saw your nursery on Pinterest and I love it – so bright and cheerful! I am also considering the Babyletto Hudson crib and an Ikea Hemnes dresser in white for my little one due in February, but I am concerned that the two whites might not be exactly the same. May I ask if you purchased your dresser in “White” or “White Stain?” On Ikea’s website the “White Stain” looks more like a true white, while the “White” is more creamy/yellowish-looking. Yours seem to match perfectly so I thought I’d ask! πŸ™‚

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks, Stacy! I love the Babyletto Hudson crib and the Hemnes dresser– so much so that I got the same things for #2’s nursery, too. For the dresser in the picture, I actually bought the gray one at IKEA, and then painted it white to match. At the time, the stained wood option wasn’t available, and the white was (and perhaps still is?) a shiny/yellowish finish that wasn’t just painted wood. It felt slick and smooth, like it was lacquered or plastic-y. Not at all what I wanted. With the second nursery, I also went with a white crib. I didn’t want to go to the trouble of painting another dresser, so I bought the white stained one. You can see the wood grain through the stain, but it is subtle, and I find that it works in the room with the white crib just fine. It might not be perfect if they were right next to each other, but just being in the same room together, the dresser reads as white and doesn’t look “off.” If you want a perfect match, you’ll need to paint your dresser. I’d suggest you get the white stain dresser. That way you can see if the match is good enough, and if it isn’t, it’s easy enough to paint. I hope this helps! πŸ™‚

      • Shauna says:

        How did the white-stain hold up? We are considering this but I’m concerned that it will dent and scratch super easily.

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