A First Christmas Ornament

I made Alexis a little ornament to commemorate her first Christmas. I search around online for inspiration, and found these adorable little onesie ornaments for sale at EdgeofClarity on Etsy. I wanted Alexis to have something made with her mama’s own hands, so I did my best to recreate that ornament. (If you aren’t crafty, or you can learn from my mistakes, you may want to buy one for your own little one from EdgeofClarity.)

I searched for a onesie pattern to use, and was amused when the perfect pattern came up on my own mother’s website: Chia’s Rubber Stamp Art Onesie Template. No resizing necessary. I cut out two onesie shapes in cream felt. I freehand cut out Christmas light shapes — not fun! They are tiny, and cutting out teeny tiny things is not my strong suit. I stitched the light bulbs to one of the onesie shapes, then freehand embroidered Alexis’ name and birthdate. Yeah, also not my strong suit. One more note: don’t use a pencil to write the date on your felt, assuming you will embroider over it perfectly. You won’t, and then you’ve got pencil marks on your felt that you don’t know how to remove.

Once all the detail work was done, I used a blanket stitch to put the two onesie pieces together. I needed a blanket stitch refresher, and was away from my embroidery books, so I turned to Google. futuregirl craft blog had exactly the instructions I needed. I attempted to make a little hanger out of a paper clip, but it’s not as smooth and lovely as the one you can buy.

Little mistakes and lessons or not, I’m happy with the ornament I made for Alexis. She’ll have something special and personal, made just for her, that she can put on the tree every year.

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