Merry & Bright Photo Shoot (How to Build a Fun Holiday Photo)

With the holidays approaching, it was time for a holiday photo shoot with baby.

I wanted something special and sparkly, so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. I wasn’t disappointed. I created the above image with some simple supplies and props, and one cute baby.

I used painters tape to take a strand of mini twinkle lights to the wall in a loose zig zag design. I taped a plain white sheet up over that with more painters tape. I did take the time to iron the sheet, as wrinkes can mess up the nicest of photos. You can clearly see the wrinkles in the part of the sheet I didn’t bother to iron. I just made sure I ironed the part that would actually be in my final photos. After this, I added a vintage light up ceramic tree and an adorable baby.

Add in a bunch of funny faces and sounds to make baby smile, a little help from daddy, and photograph liberally. Voila!

I used a photo from this shoot for our Christmas card this year, and I got so many other cute ones to share with family. Did you take your own holiday photos this year, or did you hire someone to do the job?


Happy Holidays from Naturally Contrary!

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