A Dirndl for Baby

Alexis descends from two families filled with German blood, who really have spent no time thinking about their German heritage or doing anything particularly German. Since her daddy decided to join the air rifle shooting team at the local German club, however, that’s changed a bit. It’s given me the opportunity to say “schutzen!” to my heart’s delight, and daddy now has a charming green hat with a feather to wear to shooting matches.

During her last visit, Alexis’ grandma made sure she’d have an outfit to wear to the German club by sewing her a sweet little dirndl. She adapted a plain baby dress pattern to include the bodice top and embellished it with ribbon and embroidery. She also made the apron without a pattern.

Based on these photos, I can only surmise that my daughter is well on her way to a rewarding career as Garment Inspector #10.

Grandma’s handiwork was a hit at the German club.

If Alexis can’t make it as a garment inspector, I think she might have a lucrative position as a bar maid waiting for her.

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2 Responses to A Dirndl for Baby

  1. Jo Berneche says:

    This is the cuteiest picture ever, I think it’s time for the family to experience the German heritage….
    Like Oktoberfest in Germany, Good job, she’s a beautiful little girl, Your family has been blessed

  2. Billie says:

    Not only the best dressed “thanks to her talented Grandma” but the prettiest girl at the party. She really was fascinated with her dress – looked it over very carefully and do believe it passed inspection! Can’t wait to see her.

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