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This week, I’ve been reading a lot about breastfeeding and introducing solids to a baby. All the things that breast milk does for babies are just amazing. I thought I had read that you should wait until 4 – 6 months before introducing solids to a baby, but I have a much clearer sense of why waiting at least 6 months is a good idea after reading this. I had no idea that delaying the introduction of solid food could reduce the likelihood of baby developing food allergies, decrease the chances of anemia, and decrease illnesses. Hooray for breastfeeding!

Today is also Alexis’ 2-month birthday, and (one month late), I’m finally getting my act together for her monthly baby photos. I took a photo on her one-month birthday, but it wasn’t everything I wanted it to be. I wanted her to have something in the photo to indicate her age, and I really wanted the photo to be more aesthetically pleasing than simply my very comfortable (but not beautiful) recliner. I’ve been inspired by Making It Lovely’s monthly photos, and struggled to find a place in my home where I could take an equally nice photo. Although I didn’t intend to copy Making it Lovely, we have similar tastes, and I ended up ordering a nearly identical chair for my living room, with the intention of using it for monthly baby photos. (I only did this on Friday, so hooray for Overstock, who tells me I should receive it today.) I also ended up making a similar felt rosette for baby, and ordering number pins from an Etsy shop to indicate Alexis’ age in each photo. Although it’s a shame I didn’t work this out in time for her first monthly photo, it’s better late than never, right?

Some other interesting things I’ve read this week:

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