7 Weeks Old

The air has suddenly turned cool in the last week and there are hints of red showing up in the leaves. Fall is finally here! Alexis and I spent some time out in the fresh air today, looking at trees and clouds, and found this little remnant of summer hiding in one of the trees.

We also took a wonderfully long nap, which was good for both mom and baby. Alexis woke up smiling… stretching and moaning like she always does, but smiling anyway. I love those baby smiles, and we’re getting more and more of them. Alexis is getting better about grabbing things, too. She holds on to our shirts when we hold her, and grabs at the rings on her baby gym. Alexis is becoming a more interactive little person every day.

She’s also getting bigger! This week I had to order bigger diapers. When Alexis was a newborn, folding a cotton prefold into thirds and sticking it in a diaper cover did a pretty good job. As she has grown, though, we’ve had a few more messes with this method, so we finally started folding the prefold into an actual diaper, only to have her grow too big for this to work. So I bought the next size up in prefolds. I got them from Green Mountain Diapers, as they talked me into prefolds in the first place and I’ve been pleased with them. They are easy, and wash really well. I also bought 6 Bum Genius Freetime all-in-ones, for when we are going out or feeling lazy. Alexis should be covered in the diaper department for awhile now. At least, until she gets too big again.

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