Babies and Blankets

Babies and blankets just go together. After showing off the quilt her great grandma made for her, Alexis needed to share a few other special blankets in her collection.

Alexis received this handmade blanket from her aunt. The satin border is actually fabric from the dress her aunt wore in our wedding, which is a very sweet way to use a dress she’d never wear again.

Alexis also received this beautiful, sunny handmade quilt from her grandma and grandpa. She will never want for a warm, snuggly blanket… well, unless she’s sleeping, since they aren’t allowed in her big, lonely crib for safety reasons.

One more gratuitous happy baby photo:

In other news, Alexis went through the whole day in cloth diapers for the first time today. We had originally planned to start with cloth diapers, but even the newborn-sized diapers we had looked ridiculously huge on her, so we went through a couple boxes of disposables while we waited for her to grow into her diapers. Today we were down to the last few disposables, with no desire to pay for more, so we decided to give cloth another try. They still look ridiculously huge on her, but they’re doing the job well enough and she doesn’t seem to mind.

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  1. Janice says:

    The quilts are all lovely. She is a very lucky little girl.

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