A Gift from Great Grandma

Alexis is one lucky little girl. People keep giving her the sweetest gifts. Yesterday, she received a package from her great grandma full of little bath toys, stuffed animals, and (my favorite) this beautiful handmade quilt and a matching pillow. My grandma embroidered each one of the cats, and it is beautiful work. I have a similar quilt of my own from my childhood, made by the same grandma. I love handmade things. They are so much more than just things. I know Alexis will keep this quilt forever, and always think of her great grandma when she uses it.

Alexis and I gave the quilt a test drive today during tummy time. I think she likes it. We named all the nursery rhymes we could find in the sashing, and I think that’s a game she’ll enjoy playing as she starts to know those stories and interact more with her world.

Also, do you see all those adorable pudgy little baby parts? As of yesterday, Alexis weighed 8 lbs 5 oz — almost a pound more than her birth weight, and barely 2 weeks old! Considering the trouble we had with eating at the beginning, she’s done an amazing job. All those middle-of-the-night every hour feedings have paid off.

Thank you, Great Grandma, for the second “baby shower in a box.” Alexis and I loved it.

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