Baby Shower in a Box

I have accidentally established a tradition of having important life events away from my friends and family. For my wedding, I was with my immediate family, but everyone else lived far away. My mom made sure I had a bridal shower anyway, through the mail. She had everyone send a favorite recipe, which she assembled into a cookbook for me. My mom is cool like that.

This time around, I’m having a baby, and I’m doing it somewhere where we have very few friends and no family. Cue mom, who assembled a “baby shower in a box” for me.

I received a box in the mail packed full of baby goodies, including some toys, Munchkin soft tip nfant spoons, Summer Infant Swaddle Me swaddlers, crib sheets, a squeaky bath toy and bath mitt, a super soft security blanket, and a sunny yellow sleeper.

My brother got involved, too, and did his part to ensure that our little baby grows up as geeky as possible.

1. Biohazard bodysuit 2. Mostly IP bodysuit 3. Input/Output 4. Geekling 5. Geek in Training 6. Pirate’s Booty bodysuit 7. The Baby Owner’s Manual

Already geeky husband approves, as do I. And my very smart brother bought all these  t-shirts and onesies in different sizes, so baby won’t run out of geeky style for quite some time. He also sent along The Baby Owner’s Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance, which is good, because I hear they aren’t handing them out at the hospital.

All this arrived on the same day as my mom’s handmade cloud mobile. And although we didn’t get to spend time together eating finger sandwiches and playing silly games, I felt the love. Baby is about to join a pretty great extended family.

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  1. Janice says:

    The eating part takes place next week 🙂

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