40 Weeks: Where is Baby?

Today is officially baby’s due date. Nobody told baby. So instead of a delivery, we had a sonogram.

According the to the sonographer, baby is doing well. There’s enough fluid, baby moved (when baby was good and ready) and had good tone, and was practicing breathing while we watched. Baby also has off-the-charts long legs, just like daddy, which probably explains why it always feels like there are feet up in my ribs. The sonographer said that baby weighs about 8.5 pounds. At this point, we’re just waiting for baby to decide to be born.

Here’s an outside view of baby at 40 weeks. It’s getting crowded in there. Baby seems to prefer hanging out on my right side, which gives me a rather lopsided appearance sometimes.

My mom has been visiting with us for almost a week now, waiting on baby to make an appearance. Hopefully she won’t have to wait much longer! It’s been good to have her here and get some non-baby visiting in first, though. After today’s sonogram, we went to Target and picked up a few more baby items. It’s hard not to shop for baby.

Now how much longer do we have to wait to meet baby?!

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