39 Weeks and 2 Days

The countdown is well into the single digits now. It seems like we got here too fast. This week, I’m late updating because my mom has come to visit! In baby news, my doctor informs me that I could have a baby in “the next week or two.” Then she promptly went on vacation. If baby waits until she comes back, we’ll have an August baby. My vacationing doctor also told me she thinks I’m going to have a “big baby.” I asked for clarification, as this alarmed me a bit, and she said maybe 8 1/4 pounds… which isn’t quite what I think of when I think BIG baby, so that’s good. For now, baby seems content to hang out under my ribs and give me an occasional kick so I don’t forget who is in charge. Like I could.

In the last week, I did a little sewing for baby. I saw these adorable cloth baby shoes over at Craft Apple, and immediately felt the need to make a pair for my little one. Mine seem to have come out a lot larger than hers, though, and probably won’t better not be suitable for baby for months and months. The instructions call for interfacing all the pieces of the shoe, but I found that this made them pretty stiff and well, shoe-like. I guess I had something more like soft slippers in mind, even though the name is clearly cloth baby shoes, not “cloth baby slippers that are very soft.” So if I made these again, and I might, I’d make them smaller, and probably skip the interfacing altogether. Even if they never fit baby, they sure are cute.

I also decided that I need to make this quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew for baby. Maybe that will happen before baby is born, and maybe it will take a little longer. We’ll see.

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  1. Jolene says:

    Adorable little slippers.. You do such nice work. Don’t worry if they are too big…. they can be grown into.
    I got some precious little shoes from someone, for your mom, and her feet were way too big when she was born… so never got to wear them… Who knows, maybe they will be just right from the start….. I like how they will be good whether it’s boy or girl… I think you are enjoying pending motherhood, far more than anyone else I’ve ever known. Make note of that to yourself…. it won’t be long now. Glad your mom is there now too.
    I’ll be there in thought and spirit. Love….. G’ma

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