37 Weeks

Another late one! My excuse this time is vertigo. It set in Sunday evening, and was quite bad by Monday morning. Bad enough that I threw up all over my car, and had to call my poor husband home from work to take care of me and clean my disgusting car. I spent most of the rest of yesterday in bed. Vertigo can’t bother you when you’re sleeping.

I did have to interrupt my bed rest for a visit to the OB. She did the routine stuff and informed me that baby is in no hurry to make an appearance yet. Which is fine, because we have things yet to do. She also took some blood, just to check and make sure nothing worse than vertigo was going on. As it turns out, I am iron deficient, and have to start taking supplements. The internet tells me that this can cause vertigo, so hopefully the supplements will help. I’m also doing my good old vertigo exercises, since this isn’t my first trip around the block with vertigo.

In other baby news, we took a Newborn Care class last week. It was informative, and reminded me that we need to get it together and choose a pediatrician. It was also our last class before baby is born. We took everything that was offered. Hopefully, this will pay off when baby arrives, because at the moment, I still don’t feel like I know anything.

Husband also finished painting the dresser, after much suffering on his part, and is upstairs putting it together as I type. This is the last major piece of nursery furniture, and once it’s together I can finally put away all the baby clothes I’ve been sorting and washing this week. (Seriously, where did all these baby clothes come from? I didn’t realize we had so many.) We also received packages from my family containing a “baby shower in a box,” but I’m going to save that for it’s own post.

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