36 Weeks

I couldn’t blog yesterday, because I got stuck on the couch watching True Blood and America’s Got Talent. It ate up my whole night. I blame the cats. If they hadn’t sat on my lap, and been so adorable about it, I probably would have gotten up and blogged.

But here we are, at 36 weeks. What to Expect tells me that baby is about the size of a watermelon and also that I am officially “full term” and could have this baby any minute, even though I’ve got 4 weeks left until baby’s due date. Here’s a picture of my watermelon baby:

It certainly feels like a watermelon. Husband and I spent too much time walking around Target this evening buying baby supplies, and now I’m paying for it with a sore back and belly. But at least we’re slightly more ready for baby’s arrival. Also, baby stuff is expensive. Just sayin’.

This week started out with a visit to the doctor, who informed me that baby continues to be just perfect. Heart rate is good and my belly measures as it should. I also got tested for Group B Strep. From here on out, I’ll see the doctor weekly. Also, the doctor informed me that my mother and grandmother’s history of short labors bodes well for me, as does my hair color. I think a short labor would be lovely, and I hope I’m not being set up for disappointment.

Over the weekend, we watched Prometheus for husband’s birthday. (Spoiler: Worst C-section EVER.) Baby enjoyed the action scenes. I struggled to suspend disbelief in some places… the science was so… sloppy, I couldn’t help but think of Deborah Gibson’s science montage in Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus. Anyway, I’ve never seen the Alien movies all the way through, just bits and pieces while my brother was watching them over and over during our entire childhood. So tonight we’re going to watch Alien. Is it terrible that I sometimes find myself thinking of the part of these movies that I have seen when my belly seems to be moving around with a mind of its own?

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  1. Melissa says:

    So close, Momma! And LOL I’ve seen bits and pieces of shark vs. octopus, too funny…

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