An Unexpected Baby Shower

My wonderful co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower during a staff meeting on Friday. It was such a nice surprise, and so nice to be reminded that I work with people who care enough to do something like that for me and Baby.

Baby now has new clothes, toys, bedding, bibs, and good-smelling bathtime lotions, shampoos, and powders. These little yellow onesies are so soft, and came with a matching set of receiving blankets.

Wrist rattles are something I’d never seen or heard of before, but I think they’re a clever idea. I don’t know if Baby will like having a rattle strapped to a wrist, but if not, we can attach them to something else, like the car seat or a crib rail.

I don’t live near many of my friends or any of my family, so a baby shower was not something I was really expecting to have. Having one with my work family, though, was really excellent. I won’t be returning to work after Baby is born, and this got me to thinking about the people I’ll miss seeing every week.

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