35 Weeks

I missed two weeks of baby’s development! Between week 32 and now, we’ve been busy taking baby classes, I went to my college reunion in Wisconsin, and a colleague of mine passed away unexpectedly. All of these things contributed to a failure to blog, especially since most of them fell on Mondays, which is the traditional day of blogging. To make it up to you, let me share this belly picture, which I took yesterday at 34 weeks and 6 days.


Baby has definitely been getting bigger over the last few weeks, to the point that I’m starting to feel a little uncomfortable. At this point, Baby should be about 5 1/2 pounds and around 18 inches long. In the fruit department, think honeydew melon. About 2 weeks ago, Baby was doing some major moving around. Baby is still moving, but it’s less dramatic now… I think Baby’s quarters are getting a little cramped.

Too much standing around really takes a toll on my back, and hurts at the top of my belly, too. Too much standing and sitting is causing my feet to swell up, too, and doctor has advised me to spend time laying down when I can to keep the swelling down. It does help, but I feel so lazy. All the laying down has helped me to finish another book in the Game of Thrones series, though. And speaking of feet, I can’t really bend over to reach them anymore. I think I am going to need a pedicure.

Now that it is 35 weeks, I am officially 8 months pregnant. There are only 5 weeks left until baby’s due date and 3 weeks until that window of plus or minus two weeks around the due date opens up and baby could be born at any time… although I suppose if Baby felt like it, he or she could decide to be born right now. (No rush, Baby, I’ve still got some things to get in order before you make your grand arrival.) Also, I’m still not really excited about the actual giving birth part.

Today is our last day of Lamaze class. We’ve learned some breathing patterns, which may or may not be useful, some relaxation techniques, and all sorts of information about the process of birth. I feel better about things when I have some knowledge about how they are supposed to be, so this has been good for me. Last week, we also took a class just about epidurals and one about c-sections (just in case). It would be nice to be able to go without both of those things, but it’s good to be prepared. We also took a class on breastfeeding, which had some useful information. I’m still amazed at how breastfeeding, which seems like it ought to be easy as something necessary for the survival of the species, can be seen as such a challenging thing. I guess I won’t know until I try it myself.

The “painting an IKEA dresser for Baby” project also continues. Husband has informed me that “this is the worst idea you have ever had.” He might be right. Spray painting furniture is not quite as easy as I thought it would be. We have learned that using oil based primer and then running your gas dryer is also a horrible idea, as it produces a smell like burning and gas, which makes you think you have to evacuate your house before it explodes. In reality, there is no burning or gas, it’s just an opportunity for you to look foolish when you call out the fire department and the power company.

Coming up this week: My last day of work indefinitely, and husband’s last child-free birthday. We celebrated my last child-free birthday in Vegas, before we even knew it was the last one. Husband is going to have to settle for some cake and a trip around the lazy river, assuming I can still squeeze into a swimsuit.

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