32 Weeks

Time for the weekly baby report! I’m 32 weeks along, and I’m guessing at this point that baby is somewhere around 4 pounds, and is the size of a squash. I’m certainly feeling it more in my back, and everything feels a bit more cramped. Every time I walk up a flight of stairs, I’m reminded that my lung capacity has been reduced, probably because my stomach has been shoved into the space reserved for my lungs. My ability to stand around is deteriorating, too. I need to sit down sooner and more often. And while I’m sitting, I might as well lay down and take a nap.

Baby-related things I’ve done in the past week: I saw the doctor, who declared that baby is “perfect” so far. Everything measures as it should and the heartbeat is right where it ought to be. I actually lost 3 pounds between the last appointment and this one, which my doctor attributes to the fact that my feet stopped swelling up like balloons. I sucked it up and made some decisions about diapers, and actually ordered them. And tonight we took our first Lamaze class, wherein I learned new things about the cervix and saw a demonstration with a knitted uterus. We did not make progress on painting that dresser we bought, mostly because I don’t think either of us really wants to do it.

On the diaper front, I spent hours and hours reading about cloth diapers. There are so many kinds! Prefolds, All-in-Ones, Hybrids, All-in-Twos, Pockets, Flat ones. Not only do you have to decide what sort of diapers you want to get for your baby, but you probably also want to buy diapers just for the newborn stage, and then other diapers for the not-newborn stage, because even though they make one-size-fits-all adjustable diapers, the word on the street is that they really don’t fit a tiny newborn that great.

So, after hours of reading and agonizing over spending a chunk of money on diapers that just may not work out (it depends on your baby! try different types!), I decided to listen to the people at Green Mountain Diapers, who tell me that cotton is best (and many of the super cute pocket and all-in-one diapers are made with synthetic fabrics) and that prefolds are the way to go for newborns. I had been sort of uninterested in prefolds when I first started reading about diapers, but they persuaded me, at least for newborn diapers. I only purchased the newborn part of my supplies. I still have to agonize over non-newborn diaper choices.

For the newborns, I ordered:

  • 24 newborn sized prefolds
  • 4 assorted diaper covers (into which you insert aforementioned prefolds)
  • 2 hemp doublers (which are supposed to help with extra absorbency for nighttime)
  • 1 swaddlebees simplex all-in-one diaper
  • and some flannel wipes (if I’m going to use cloth diapers, why not cloth wipes too?)

I’m also planning to order a couple of bumgenius newborn all-in-ones. That should give me some variety of diapers to try out on baby and get me through the newborn stage. I’ve read some things that say I need even more diapers on hand, but I think this will at least get me started. All this diaper research seriously had me dreaming about diapers.

The plan for this week is to pre-register at the hospital we’ve chosen, and maybe to paint that dresser. Maybe. I’m going to my college reunion this weekend, so that may limit my productivity some.

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