Make a Crib Skirt for the babyletto Hudson

I finally made the crib skirt I’ve been talking about for weeks. It was so easy, I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. I used some pretty fabric I found at Jo-Anne’s, which coordinates with the walls and the rug, and brings in a pop of yellow.

There are a lot of tutorials floating around to help you make your own crib skirt, but the process is so simple, you hardly need a full-blown tutorial. To make mine, I basically did what It’s Great to Be Home did. Since I bought a random piece of fabric at the end of the bolt, I wasn’t able to cut a single strip for the whole skirt, but piecing the front and sides together wasn’t a big deal. Once I had a long strip, I made narrow hems on the edges, and attached ribbon ties to the top edge.

I made this particular crib skirt for the babyletto Hudson crib. It’s a simple, modern flat panel and I think it complements the crib well. Once the mattress is fully lowered, I won’t be able to use a skirt on this crib, but until then the ribbon ties will allow me to adjust the length of the skirt so that it won’t bunch up at the bottom as baby grows.

If you are making your own skirt for this crib, here are the measurements I used: The fabric panel needs to be 104.75 inches long and 11 inches tall, this allows half an inch for hemming on each side. I used 12 ribbon ties sewn along the top edge, which were cut 10 inches long. This was long enough, but tying them might have been a little easier if I’d cut the ribbons a bit longer. Once you finish the panel, you have to fiddle a little bit with tying it to the mattress support to get it to hang nice and flat, but it isn’t too much trouble.

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9 Responses to Make a Crib Skirt for the babyletto Hudson

  1. Betsy says:

    Hello! Love this! We just ordered the Hudson, and I was wondering which mattress you bought for this crib? Want to make sure we get one that fits. Share if you are willing!

    • Shannon says:

      Betsy, we got the Colgate Ultra II 150 Coil Innerspring Mattress, both because it’s relatively affordable compared to some of the fancy organic mattresses and because it has been tested and found to have a very low amount of off-gassing. I found this particular mattress when I was reading Consumer Reports for crib mattress recommendations. And although there isn’t a baby around to actually try it out yet, I’m happy with the purchase. And more to the point, it fits the babyletto Hudson crib perfectly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cherie says:

    Hi! My daughter is expecting in June and I recently purchased this crib for her. I would like to make a crib skirt but the crib is in CA and I am in MI. They do not have the crib set up yet so could you answer a few questions for me?
    1. If I use your dimensions will the 11″ skirt cover the opening when the mattress is at the highest position?
    2. The 104.75″ length confuses me a bit. The long side of a mattress is approx 52″ and sides 28″ If I make each panel these lengths it comes to 108″ – will this work? Or can you tell me the length of the 3 pieces for the 104.5″. I would like to make this to take to her next week when I visit. Thank you!!

  3. Rachel says:


    I bought this crib and am trying to order a crib skirt but can’t find anywhere what length of skirt I should order. I love how the one you made sits flush to the bottom rail of the crib rather than hitting the floor. Is there anyway you can tell me what the length is from the high mattress setting to where your skirt falls? We ordered the and it won’t be here for a while or else I’d measure it myself!! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Shannon says:

      Rachel, the length between the high mattress setting and the bottom rail of the crib is 10 inches. You can’t really make a skirt to hit the floor itself, because the bottom rail would make it bunch up. One you have to start lowering the matteress, my skirt won’t hang quite as nicely, but it still works, until you lower the mattress all the way, and then you really can’t have a skirt with this crib. I hope that’s helpful. Skirt or no, I do love this crib.

  4. Jancey says:

    I wish you would have shown some photos of the crib skirt without the mattress placed on top. I am a failry experienced sewer and am in the process of making a skirt for my Hudson crib and one thing I just discovered is that I am going to have to make some special modification or slit on the side pieces due to the angled bolts that hold the spring support to the side crib walls. The fact that they are angled means I have to come up with some sort of creative solution to prevent bunching and slight raising of the fabric at the corners. What did you use as a work-around? Do you mind sharing and perhaps showing some additional photos if you have any? I’m sure many novice sewers will be thrown for a loop due to this problem and I’m quite frusturated at Babyletto for using unorthodox supports in this manner as it would make using a store bounght skirt very difficult unless the purchaser has sewing knowledge to cutom tailor it.

  5. eve says:

    This is perfect for what we need.
    can I pay you to make us one?!

  6. eve says:

    this is perfect! can we have you make one for us? Just all white or grey?

    • Shannon says:

      Eve, I’m so sorry I didn’t respond to you right away. I’m glad you like the crib skirt, and I hope you’ve found one to meet your needs. Unfortunately, with a new baby around, finding the time to make another crib skirt has become a real challenge.

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