31 Weeks

Time is going by so quickly! It feels like it was just January, and baby was looking more like a finger than a baby, and now it’s almost June, and the count down to baby’s arrival is in the single digit weeks. It’s 31 weeks today, and baby has officially entered the eighth month (meaning we’re past 7 months and working on completing 8.) At this point, baby is about the size of a pineapple, and is continuing to work on putting on weight and brain development. Baby moves around a lot, but still doesn’t like to perform much for daddy. Daddy was patient and got to feel a good kick tonight, though.

This last week I got sick with a stupid head cold. It was nothing special as far sickness as goes, but wow, being sick while pregnant is the worst. You can’t take hardly anything. So a little cold knocks you out like it’s a major sinus infection. I imagine being sick while pregnant is a little like what it would have been like to live in pioneer days. I love modern medicine, and most of all Nyquil, and I missed it dearly this week. I’m feeling better, but still working on being fully recovered. A three day weekend, filled with excessive napping, has helped. I need more of those.

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