28 Weeks

I ended up getting an unexpected sonogram today, thanks to being involved in a very minor hit-and-run accident. I wasn’t injured and the vehicle I was driving didn’t appear to be damaged, but to be on the safe side my doctor sent me to the hospital for monitoring. This involved laying on my side listening to baby’s heartbeat on a fetal monitor for several hours, being examined by a resident, and then being examined by a doctor and her follow-along med student. The bonus of being a guinea pig for a med student is that the doctor spends more time explaining your sonogram to him, which means more opportunity to see baby.

The end result is that everything looks normal and healthy. So if I had to be involved in a car accident while pregnant, this was probably the best possible one. I found the whole thing rather stressful, but baby doesn’t seem a bit phased. Daddy is sad he missed out on the sonogram, and this one did not include a take-home photo. It also occurred to me that had there been a significant problem today, we might be the parents of a very tiny baby right now. I’m glad we’re not, but man, we have a lot to get done before baby arrives!

Speaking of baby, he or she is about the size of an eggplant now and may weigh almost 3 pounds. Baby is also getting close to 17 inches tall and is starting to put on fat. I noticed during a very thrilling presentation on health insurance that I can see my belly move whenever baby kicks now, which is pretty cool. Less cool is that this past week was also the week when baby learned how to kick me directly in the ribs, which can be a bit painful.

I spent the weekend researching baby items we’ll need. I made some progress, deciding on things like fancy glass bottles with silicone sleeves and baby leggings, but I got totally stuck on breast pumps. Seriously, every pump I read about has its haters, except maybe the amazing ones that cost almost $400. Considering I’m not planning on being a full-time working mom, I don’t think I need to be buying a top of the line super pump, but I’d still like to have something that works well and is comfortable, so that I can pump when I need to. I have been using Lucie’s List to help me figure out what I’m going to need, but I’m still overwhelmed by all the choices for some things.

I completely forgot to mention (forgetting is my new thing now… along with clumsiness) in last week’s post that we attended a class called Baby Boot Camp. I was going to just sign us up for infant and child CPR, but that class was full, so we signed up for this class that had that, plus other things. In addition to learning CPR, we learned how to give baby a massage and daddy learned how to give me a massage (a skill which he has sadly neglected since we left class.) We also learned all about poop and swaddling.

Hopefully the rest of this week will be a little less dramatic, and more productive, than today.

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