27 Weeks

Apparently, exactly when the third trimester starts is not entirely a hard and fast fact of life. It might be 27 weeks, or it might be 28, depending on who you ask. According to two out of three websites that send me weekly pregnancy emails, though, today marks the start of the third trimester, so I’m going with it.

In the past week, two people have told me some form of, “you don’t look pregnant at all!” and one stranger has asked me when I was due. You can judge for yourself, but I think there’s definitely a baby bump there.

Baby has been busy doing some growing, and although I didn’t get a new ultrasound picture when I saw my doctor last week, she assures me everything’s measuring as it should and baby has a good healthy heartbeat. At this point, baby should be weighing more than two pounds, be about 16 inches long, and about the size of a cauliflower. Baby is also turning out not to be such a great ninja–Daddy was definitely able to feel some kicks and punches this weekend!

I took my glucose tolerance test last week, and I’m still waiting for the results. The test involved drinking some super-sweet orange drink, and having blood drawn three times. The drink was not as foul as the internet would have me believe, but I wouldn’t drink it for fun, either. The blood draws were a challenge, as usual. It took three techs to get blood out of me, and then it had to come from the backs of my hands, and even that was rough going. I have been informed that it’s going to be lots of fun to get an IV in me once I actually try to have this baby.

We also continued to make slow progress on the nursery. This week, we decided upon and ordered a rocking recliner from La-Z-Boy.

I had envisioned a somewhat more stylish chair for the nursery, but practicality won out. This chair is terribly comfortable. I wanted to cover it in a pretty print fabric, but the seams on the chair practically guarantee that any pattern I chose would come out wonky, since they don’t try to match the pattern placement. So we chose a nice blue gray fabric (which doesn’t look anything like what you see on your screen), and I’ll have to dress it up with a pretty pillow and blanket. But I will be very comfortable, and that is most important.

Buying the chair also prompted us to be more decisive about furniture placement in the nursery. The nursery isn’t a very big room, so our options were limited. I’m looking forward to our trip to Wisconsin in a couple weeks, because it means a stop by IKEA, and we’ll be able to purchase a dresser and wall shelves for the room. Then I’ll just need to find a small table to put next to the chair. I’m hoping I can find a simple table to re-paint at a yard sale.

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