22 Weeks

Today, baby is at 22 weeks and according to whichever pregnancy website you follow, that means he or she is either the size of a papaya or a coconut. Either way, we’re talking about approximately 10.5 to 11.8 inches long and weighing more than a pound. After all this growing, it’s apparently only going to take another month for baby to double in weight. Growth spurt!

At home, we’ve been working on the nursery. We finished painting it (in Valspar’s Trade Secret). The shade of blue seems to change a lot depending on the light in the room, and almost looks like we painted the walls different colors. I was afraid it would be too dark, but now that I’ve had some time to see it in the daylight, I’m liking it.

We’ve also replaced the barely-functional old roller shades with nice new blinds. And I hear husband upstairs mounting the new curtain rods as I type this.

Now that we’re past the halfway point, we’re still thinking about names. Finding some good girls’ names we both liked wasn’t too difficult, but finding a boy’s name is a whole other thing. We’re still struggling with that. And since we don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl, we need to have a name for each. This article on Babble about choosing a boy’s name feels pretty familiar (aside from the ending). I think we might have a grand total of 5 possible boy’s names (not all of which we’re truly wild about), and we’ve almost completely worked our way through 100,000 + Baby Names. (I linked to it, but maybe don’t actually buy it. We definitely felt like the author was padding the lists with some pretty ridiculous/made up names just to hit the magic 100,000.) Got any boy name suggestions? At this point, we sure could use them.

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  1. Jolene says:

    Have you gone back to look at names of ancestors on both sides of your family? I got the Odell newsletter today, and had to laugh at boys names… they had a photo of the 6th grade and just about every name was more crazy than the next… poor kids…. just try to remember how the little guy might feel wearing that name forever… I think you will suddenly find the right name… might just pop into your head! or go with some older names like Charles, George, Scott . Have you thought of your classmate names??? Have fun…. Love ya!

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