21 Weeks

Another week done!

This week, we took a trip to Chicago, and feasted on all sorts of delicious food. Baby was exposed to vegan potpie made with homemade seitan, thanks to some talented and industrious friends, Indian, gourmet grilled cheese, and amazing homemade ginger ale. I definitely need to try making my own ginger ale now. Thanks to all this eating, baby should now be weighing in at about one pound.

Also this week, my vertigo returned. I had vertigo last August, when I wasn’t pregnant, and apparently it’s time for another round. I’m doing my vertigo exercises, and apparently it’s safe for me to take meclizine for the dizziness. My doctor doesn’t seem very worried, so I won’t be either. As long as I don’t fall down a flight of stairs.

We painted the nursery, and it turned out a little darker blue than I had anticipated. I’m hoping once we get curtains and furniture in there, it will lighten up and I’ll be satisfied. During our Chicago trip, we stopped at IKEA and bought a rug and the cutest night light for the room. Once we get the paint touch ups done this week, we’ll hang the new blinds and curtain rods, and I’ll get started on the curtains.

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