19 Weeks

19 weeks today, and it’s been an eventful week in babyland. We got new baby pictures, baby has definitely started kicking me, and husband moved out of his office to make room for the nursery.

I’m starting to feel “fuller,” like there’s actually something going on down around my belly button. Right on cue (according to this cool animation “Make Room for Baby“), my stomach is also feeling a little less roomy these days. I really need to start eating smaller meals, and keep the Tums handy. Speaking of eating, I am still totally in love with cantaloupe. For breakfast today, I had cantaloupe, strawberries, and blackberries. It was delicious. I don’t know why I didn’t eat fruit for breakfast before getting pregnant. I’m also officially uncomfortable laying on my back.

At Friday’s sonogram, baby weighed 9 ounces. That’s more than half a pound of baby already! Baby is about the size of a mango, and should be covered in vernix (which I hear isn’t too pretty) this week. Baby is also definitely responding to loud noises. We watched Inception this weekend, and parts of it got pretty loud. By the end, baby kicked me several times, and I think all the activity was definitely due to the movie.

Coming up this week, I plan to finish up the curtains I’m making for the guest room, and finally get the sample colors on the walls in the nursery.

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