18 Weeks (and one day)

Just like when I was writing last week’s update, Roo is on my lap. Being replaced in the baby department is going to be so hard for these kitties. They’ve been our only children for so long.

I’m a day late. I meant to blog yesterday, but then I got stuck on the couch with a lap kitty, watching Tangled, until bedtime. Life is so hard.

I might be starting to feel a little more pregnant this week. Starting yesterday, I’ve been experiencing some random chest pains, which I’m guessing may mean my guts are starting to be squished? I’m also fairly confident I’ve now experienced “round ligament pain,” while rolling over in bed a little to energetically. And I might have felt some very faint baby movements, but since I have no experience with feeling a baby move inside me, I’m not totally confident on that one. Yet.

At work, the annoying co-worker commentary continues. This week, it was, “I think it’s amazing that you’re progressing and you’re not wearing maternity clothes.” Hollered down the hallway, again. Gee, thanks, coworker, for tapping into my baby bump insecurity. What is the appropriate response to that sort of comment from someone you aren’t close with? I’ll admit I may be slightly paranoid and emotional on this one (slightly!), but all I could think was, “Does she think I made the whole thing up?” Sorry guys, 18 weeks and my work clothes still fit. Honestly, I think this is due to a combination of a uterus that was tipped back to begin with, the fact that I’ve been eating a lot healthier since getting pregnant, and the fact that my work pants have a little stretch in the waist anyway. But I have no desire to talk about the state of my uterus (aside from it being home to a developing fetus) with coworkers.

This week, the internet tells me that baby is the size of sweet potato or red pepper. Baby can also probably hear things like my heartbeat, my voice, and loud noises now. Husband is taking advantage of this to say, “Hi baby!” to my belly occasionally. On Friday, we have an ultrasound scheduled, and I’m very excited about getting a new baby picture. We could find out if we’re having a little boy or a little girl, too, but I want to be difficult and save the surprise for baby’s birthday. I’m going to be happy enough just to confirm that baby is healthy and growing as expected. Of course, this means we’ve got to come up with two baby names, and that’s turning out to be a challenge. Boy names in particular are so hard! Once I know things are good, though, it’s time to kick husband out of his office and start painting.

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