17 Weeks

Roo is taking advantage of lap time snuggles like they’re going out of style. I often wonder what the kitties will do when there’s no lap left. Probably try to sit on top of the baby.

I’m at 17 weeks today. A friend asked if I feel pregnant, and the answer is still, “not really.” Most of the time, I feel pretty much like my old self. Maybe just a hungrier, more fruit-loving version of my old self, anyway. (Cantaloupe is amazing. Did you know that?)

This week, I bought a few more maternity shirts (I’m going to need something nice to wear to work) at an excellent buy one get one free sale, although needing to actually wear those shirts still seems far off. I also spent some time thinking about how I have transferred all of my umbilical cord anxiety to bump anxiety. As in, I don’t have much of a bump to speak of, and does that mean I’m doing something wrong? My rational mind tells me I’m being silly, but there it is.

This week, baby is about the size of an onion and is starting to put on some baby fat and turn cartilage to bone. I may or may not have felt some very faint baby movements. It’s hard to tell. So, nothing decisive yet. Maybe soon it will be for sure!

Husband and I also narrowed a bunch of blue paint chips down to three possibilities. We’ve finished painting our guest room, so now it’s time to buy some samples and start painting the nursery (well, once husband accepts his fate and moves his office down to the basement.) Nursery… yikes! Part of me thinks I better wait until this next ultrasound, just to make sure one more time that things are going smoothly… Ah, paranoia. Where have you been all my life?


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