16 Weeks

Time for the weekly baby progress report!

Baby is 16 weeks today! Husband and I spent the last week putting a little more effort into choosing a name, and are starting to generate some lists of possibilities. Baby naming is hard! Our lists are pretty short, but I guess in the end you don’t actually need all that many to work with.

Kites and Clouds Mobile found on Etsy

I found this mobile on Etsy through Pinterest this week and I just love it. It’s got me thinking about a blue nursery full of clouds and things. Blue nurseries can be for boys or girls, right? I think so. Time to start looking at paint chips.

I’ve been reading about all the Newborn Essentials I need to own, the horrible things that can happen when you breastfeed, and diapers. Husband and I also watched a video about fetal development the other day, and were treated to an intimate view of a c-section. I think I’d like to avoid one of those, Baby, so do your part, please.

This week, Baby is about the size of an avocado and may actually be able to hear my voice. (Better start being more careful about my language!) Baby is also starting to develop fingerprints. And apparently I can stop stressing about the quality of my umbilical cord, because it’s mature and there’s nothing I can do about it now.

Baby is making me intermittently exhausted (which leads to lousy dinners) and giving me random moments of pregnancy brain. Heartburn is still hanging around, too, and I’m still obsessed with eating fruit all the time (which is way more awesome than pickles or some other icky craving.) I sucked it up and pulled on a pair of maternity jeans yesterday. They felt so much better than my regular jeans, which I haven’t been able to wear comfortably buttoned for awhile now. I’m still wearing my regular work clothes, and I don’t think there’s really much of a bump to see, but we’re getting there.

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