What’s for Dinner?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about the meals I’ve got planned for the week. I tried extra hard to incorporate healthy things into my menu this week (I’ve got a big, healthy umbilical cord to make.) And since I was once again informed by a coworker that now that I’m eating for two I’ll have to start eating meat, I thought it might be good to show how  a vegetarian mama-to-be gets her protein.

Tonight we ate barbeque ranch “chicken” salads. The chicken is actually Gardein’s classic style buffalo wings (meat free and delicious!), which I cut up after cooking to add to the salads. The salad is a mix of leafy green lettuce and baby spinach (folate, vitamin C, iron), topped with corn, black beans (protein!), cubed cheese (protein!), chopped green peppers, carrots, tomatoes, croutons, bacos, and sunflower seeds. Serve with ranch dressing. Very satisfying and easy to make.

On the menu for the rest of the week:

I think between all the tofu, quinoa, lentils, seitan, black beans, spinach, and other veggies, I’ve got protein and other important nutrients covered. No need to worry, coworkers. But if you’re curious, you can do a little reading about protein and a vegetarian diet here and eating vegetarian during pregnancy.

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2 Responses to What’s for Dinner?

  1. Canute says:

    Didn’t you know that all mammals turn carnivorous when pregnant?

    • Shannon says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment, even if you are ridiculous. Run that carnivorous thing past your wife, and see if she’ll go for it. 😉

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